MBSP History

Founded in April of 2000, Modular Building Systems of PA (MBSP) has grown to become one of the largest
modular manufacturers on the East Coast. Our campus consists of 300,000 square feet of production space,
comprised of two manufacturing facilities located just one mile from each other. The size and the convenience
of location allows us the capability of producing in excess of 1,000 living units per year. This includes dormitories, schools, multi-family apartments, and other light commercial structures in addition to customized residential
cape, ranch, and two-story homes.

Mission Statement

MBSP’s mission is to produce a high quality product with a team of professionals that leads the housing industry in technology, innovation, and creativity. MBSP strives to provide our experienced builders with quality custom modular homes and service, and to have a positive impact on our employees, vendors, and the overall community.

Company Values

  • MBSP believes that all customers deserve to be treated equally with respect and honesty.
  • MBSP values our talented, experienced work force and pledge our efforts to provide a safe, efficient environment at
    all times.
  • MBSP is committed to working with our network of independent builders to provide the homeowner with the best
    value in today’s market.
  • MBSP is committed to provide our employees stability by keeping them productive as well as ensuring profitability.
  • MBSP believes that the most valuable asset we have as a company is our people.
  • MBSP is committed to continuous product improvement through developing technology as well as utilization of
    the highest quality building materials.